Hello! Sorry to disappoint but I'm no longer a freelance web developer.
This site was created in 2009 and served me very well. I've left it here as a bit of a homage.

Oliver James Gosling - Web Developer


You’ve found yourself at the online home of Oli Gosling, a Web Developer & Internet Specialist based in Bristol. Here you’ll find a selection of my latest work, stats about my skills and a link to my cv (pdf).

If you have a project or need some extra help, please drop me an email at -----, alternatively you can fill out my contact form in the Get In Touch section.

Personal Statement

An all round web aficionado with 6 years of commercial experience who is always looking to work on exciting projects with exciting clients. Full of energy, experience, hard work and enthusiasm.

Sees technology as a way of facilitating and improving communication between users, understanding that people come before technology.

A whizz at XHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, SEO, and more... Currently
re-learning Ruby-on-Rails.

Expecting love, laughter, tears... and plenty of tea.


Click on a project below to see what I've been working on.


Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA)

Understanding humanitarian assistance is a complex issue and one which GHA seeks to resolve as its primary purpose. The challenge in producing this website was breaking down the subject matter and presenting it in a digestible and friendly way.


This project was undertaken in collaboration with Lick Studio



Vital Statistics

Height 5’ 10”

Tea Preference
Milk, half sugar

Hours spent actively
developing websites since ‘04

Technical Skills* * - this list is not exhaustive

Technical Skills

My Life at a Glance

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New Ideas / Learning / Planning / Problem Solving

Coding / Creating / Experimenting

Testing / Improving / Documenting / Correcting

Work - Play

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New Destinations / New Experiences / Exploring / Sun

Cooking / Running / Playing the Piano / Sewing / Driving

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Contact Details

  • Oliver James Gosling
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How Can I Help?

  • Standards compliant XHTML/CSS
  • Cross-Browser Testing & Fixing
  • Coding Email Newsletters
  • CMS Templates
  • Hosting/Linux Server Admin
  • Delivering Email Campaigns
  • Complete Website Delivery